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3 Quick Fence Repair Tips From an Expert

Quick Ways of Repairing Your Fence

Fence repair isn’t always a complicated process. Minor issues can be resolved in a matter of minutes, and they could add to the life of your fencing. Bigger matters should be left to the pros, but there are some quick fence repairs you can tackle on your own. Check out these quick fence repair tips from an expert.

Replace a Broken Fence Picket

Sometimes fence damage is targeted to one or two fence pickets. It’s easy to replace them if you can find comparable materials. If you have a custom fence or an intricate design on the top, it may be a little harder to replace a picket. For a standard wood fence with no bells and whistles though, all you have to do is undo the screws and screw in the new picket.

Create a Temporary Support for Leaning Fencing

If a section of your fence is leaning, you could create temporary support until you get the posts to reset. Use a long 2×4 to push the fence back into an upright position, and then hammer it into the ground to create a wedge. The ground, the fence, and your support board should form a right triangle. This solution won’t last forever, but it can prevent the fence from leaning even further.

Fence Cleaning and Damage Prevention

You can prevent fence damage before it happens by cleaning off your fence line. Don’t let leaf piles sit around the fence for too long because they’re going to trap moisture in the fencing. This can lead to rot on a wood fence, mold on a vinyl fence, or rust on a chain link fence. Clean your fence periodically, and stain your fence if it’s wood. Cleaning techniques vary by fence material, but most take little time at all.

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