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3 Tips for Getting Your Fence Repairs Done Right—From a Fence Repair Expert

Repairing Your Fence With Little Hassle

As spring becomes summer, the urge to renew comes along with. Free from the confines of the indoors and winter, the first place we tend to start is with our external environment. Getting into home improvements early lets you capitalize on the cool temperatures and soft soil to get some things done. Fence repair doesn’t have to be a burden. This time-honored spring tradition of renewal fixes up the damage from winter storms and ensures a strong barrier for summer activities.

Though any repair or improvement may be arduous, it doesn’t have to be completely unpleasant. Check out our 3 tips for getting your fence repairs done with ease—from a fence repair expert.

Replacing Posts

Posts may become unseated or sink from loose soil. They may also be weak from rot or physical damage. Replacing a fence post requires more effort than many other fence repairs because it holds up so many other parts. Putting posts into the ground where they won’t unseat can be a matter of some debate and engineering.

Removing Damage

There are more than a few ways wood can get damaged over time. Though the longevity of wood on average is 30 or more years, individual sections may get more wear than that. Removing wood that has become damaged through weathering or impact should be done carefully. This will preserve as much of the surrounding good material as possible. Also, this makes it easier to put in new wood that matches the old areas without looking like splices.

Fence Screens

Replacing entire fence screens or individual components of a panel takes some extra effort. Though the whole project only takes a few hours if you have basic carpentry skills, getting the look to match can be difficult. The best way to replace fence screens properly is to take unbroken and undamaged pieces from the fence and trace and measure from there. This will ensure the cuts of the new pieces will match.

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