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Different Kinds of Deer Fencing That Are Highly-Recommended by Fence Contractors

Deer Fencing: Keeping Them Away for Your Property

It may be required to install deer fencing to safeguard your garden, keep ticks at bay, and keep deer out of your yard. Deer can step on your plants, and they can also bring disease-carrying ticks with them. While it is possible to plant deer-resistant shrubs and perennials that repel deer, it is not always a guarantee that they won’t visit your outdoor space. To keep these pests out of your outdoor space, read on to discover everything about the various styles of typical deer fencing, according to fence contractors.

Privacy Fence

Solid wood privacy fences are normally made of planks of solid wood that are firmly fastened together and are at least 6 feet tall. Due to its longevity and view-blocking qualities, which make it harder for deer to see plants and breach the fence, this option may be the most successful in preventing deer.

Polypropylene Mesh Fencing

Similar to the metal wire, polypropylene mesh is a kind of plastic fence that is fastened to vertical posts to create a barrier. Although it is the most economical alternative, this one might not be as appealing as some of the other choices. It can look more like a regular fence by installing the polypropylene mesh tightly rather than allowing it to become loose.

Metal Wire Fencing

Heavy-gauge metal wires that are bent into rectangles and run horizontally and vertically to create metal wire fencing are joined at each intersection. For years, farmers and gardeners have relied on this style of deer fencing. When the posts are correctly buried in the earth, they still have their supporters and are quite sturdy. Metal wire deer fences that have been coated in black polyethylene are the best of the bunch if you’re willing to pay more for a high-end product because they are less noticeable and more weather-resistant than silver wire alternatives.

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