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Effective Maintenance Tips for Wooden Fencing

Maintain Your Fences!

No matter how well-made the components are or how skillfully they are put in place, all fences need upkeep to stay attractive and fulfill their intended functions. Regular maintenance is required for wooden fencing to look its best and last for many years. Here’s how:

Safeguard the Wood

If wood is painted or sealed, it will become waterproof. Apply a sealant to the fence to stop the decay. Similar to how wax protects your car, wood-preserving bonding will shield your wooden fence. After application, the glue will keep the fence damp, preventing it from drying out or splitting.

Unpainted fences need to have sealants put on them annually. However, to prevent deterioration, your fence will benefit from a re-staining every three to five years. Fence installers frequently color the fence after it has been installed. Pre-staining the wood, however, is the greatest way to protect it.

Change any Damaged Boards

Damaged boards should be replaced as soon as possible to prevent further harm. Instead of having the complete fence replaced, it is preferable to replace the few warped or damaged boards. You should measure your boards before calculating the amount of lumber you require.

Use a crowbar to carefully remove the damaged boards so as not to damage the surrounding panels. After removing the damaged boards, lay the replacement ones in position, then mark the railing where the nails should go. After that, fasten the new boards with a hammer or a nail gun.

Put the Least Amount of Weight Possible

It is easy to drill through wooden fences. As a result, homeowners frequently beautify their fences with flower pots, metal ornaments, and other similar items. The addition of a lot of weight could cause the fence to become overloaded, despite the fact that these fence upgrades may be visually appealing.

You can adorn your fence with small ornaments, but avoid using huge ornaments and flower boxes because they might make your fence droop over time. However, use the fence posts rather than the boards if you want to hang something more significant.

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