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Practical Tips to Keep Your Fence Standing Strong

A leaning fence can be an eyesore and a liability on your property. It can make your home look unkempt and even invite unwanted visitors. Learning how to fix this issue can give your fence new life and save you from the cost of replacement. This post will walk you through a few solutions for effective fence repair. We’ll dive into easy-to-follow steps so you can have confidence in tackling this project yourself.

Assess the Damage

Before jumping into fixing your fence, take a good look at what’s causing the leak. Is it just one post or multiple ones? Check for signs like loose nails, rotting wood, or damage from pests. This step helps you decide if you need to fix just one part or several sections of your fence.

Strengthen the Posts

Fence posts are the backbone of your structure. If they’re not sturdy, nothing else will hold up well. Here’s how to reinforce them:

  1. Dig Around the Post: Use a shovel to dig around the leaning post until you reach solid ground.
  2. Straighten: Push or pull the post upright so it’s nice and vertical.
  3. Add Gravel: Pour gravel into the hole around the base of the post for extra stability.
  4. Fill with Concrete: Mix concrete and fill in the hole around your post to keep it firmly in place.

Replace Damaged Sections

Sometimes, posts are too damaged to fix and need replacing:

  1. Remove Old Post: Carefully dig out and remove the broken or rotted post.
  2. Install New Post: Place a new wooden or metal post in its place.
  3. Secure with Concrete: Just like before, fill around the new post with concrete for added support.

Reinforce Panels

Fence panels can also get weak over time, so you must:

  1. Remove Loose Nails/Screws: Check for any loose hardware that might be making your panels shaky.
  2. Replace Hardware: Switch out old nails or screws for new ones to give a tighter hold.
  3. Add Support Braces: Install horizontal braces across your panels if they need more support.

Remember to check every part of your fence during this process—panels, posts, and hardware alike since even small fixes can prevent bigger problems down the road.

Thinking about these tasks one by one should help make sure your fence stays in good shape longer. Need expert help in Benton, AR? Discuss your fence repair project with SR Fencing today. For inquiries or to schedule a consultation, call us at (501) 213-3350.

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