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Fence Repair Tips for Home Wood Fences

Repairs for Wood Fences Are Less Complicated Than You Think

A fence is a great way to add a little extra privacy or safety to your property. But if you have wooden fences that need repair, it can be difficult to find the right person for the job. If your fence is beyond repair or if the wood elements have rotted away, you’ll have to replace them with new ones. But before you replace them, consider the following fence repair tips for home wood fences.

Inspect the Fence for Rotted or Broken Posts, rails, and Pickets

Make sure to inspect your wood fences for rot or any damage to the posts, rails, and pickets. Dark brown or black spots could indicate fungus, which will grow inside your fence if you don’t treat it properly. Also, you’ll need someone who knows what they’re doing to repair cracks in the wood that are showing through from underneath.

Use Galvanized Nails and a Sturdy Fence

Galvanized nails are a good choice for connecting the pieces of wood because they won’t rust over time. They’re also made of iron and zinc, which is a good conductor of electricity, heat, and water. Use a sturdy fence post to replace each rotted post. Make sure the new posts are at least as tall as the fence and installed in concrete bases if necessary.

Dig Up Each Old Post Using a Hand Shovel or an Auger

Dig up each old post using a hand shovel or an auger. Use the auger to dig up the post as far down as possible, but don’t remove it from its hole until you’re sure that all of the old wood is gone. Then place your new fence posts into their holes, and make sure that they’re level with each other and straight before cementing them in place with concrete or mortar.

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