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Maintaining Your Steel Fencing Structure

How to Keep Your Steel Fence in Tip-Top Condition

There is no doubt about how excellent steel fencing can be! They are not only long-lasting but also highly dependable, lasting for years. And with the ability to customize bars and posts, this type of installation’s aesthetic and structural benefits are virtually unlimited! However, similar to other fencing materials, steel does require periodic upkeep.

When steel is exposed to air and water, it corrodes. Rust typically forms overnight, so your steel fence should be periodically maintained. Follow these simple maintenance guidelines to keep your fencing in pristine condition:

Clear Overgrowth

It is terrible news when vines and bushes grow too close to any structure, including metal fences. Vegetation traps moisture, which promotes rust and corrosion, and overgrown areas can conceal problem areas. After your wall has been cleaned and repaired, keep shrubs and trees pruned away, and swiftly remove any vines.

Eliminate the Rust

Unless your fence has been neglected for decades, any rust on the surface will likely be a thin layer, requiring no heavy-duty equipment to remove. Use a wire brush to remove rust from the surface of flat areas. Using an abrasive medium such as black sandpaper (also known as emery cloth) or synthetic steel wool, rust can be removed from corners and decorative components.

Polish the Metal

After brushing off any leftover dirt and rust particles and removing the chemical rust remover’s residue, the metal must still be cleaned before priming and painting. To effectively clean the metal, wipe it with a towel soaked in mineral spirits.

Paint the Fence

Use a metal-specific oil-based paint for this phase. Spray paint should not be used unless you fix a tiny fence section. Your fence’s primary defense against the weather is its paint. Thus the coats must be thick. A regular paint container and brush will make the application process more manageable.

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