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Tips to Avoid Wood Fence Repair

Preventing Wooden Fences From Warping

Why does a newly installed wooden fence warp? The obvious answer is water! Before and after cutting, wood retains a significant amount of water. When a fence is installed outdoors, the boards absorb moisture from the surrounding air. Given this information, what can you do to prevent wood warping and avoid fence repair? Keeping moisture out is essential, but how can this be accomplished for something that will live its whole life outside? Learn how to preserve the structural integrity of your fence boards with these expert tips:

Seal Your Fence

Seal your hardwood boards every few years with a long-lasting combination to preserve them from the environment and the sun’s UV rays. However, there is an optimal time to seal your fence, which might make the work more difficult. Utilize a pigmented sealer to enhance the aesthetic appeal of your fence and prevent moisture damage to the wood.

Obtain Appropriate Wood

When buying a fence, it is important to understand that some wood types are less likely to absorb moisture than others. Pressure-treated wood, such as cedar, redwood, or fir, is a fantastic alternative for preventing rot and mold. Cedar has a pleasant odor and can repel insects and moisture, but redwood contains a naturally occurring compound that provides a similar function.

Carefully Construct Your Fence!

A fence must be durable enough to withstand the natural tendency of wood to shift, expand, and contract. To prevent warping, make sure your fence is as sturdy as possible. By utilizing blunt nail tips or screws and predrilling holes, it is possible to prevent the splitting of fences and posts. Finalize your fence installation project by hiring a pro!

A fence is a wonderful investment for your home’s security and curb appeal. After deciding on a design, you should work with professionals in Benton, AR to construct yours effectively to avoid fence repair. Rely on SR Fencing for cost-effective, high-quality wood fence installations, repairs, and maintenance. For an appointment, dial (501) 213-3350 now!

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