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Not Sure What Steel Fence to Choose?

What Are the Different Kinds of Steel Fencing Available Today?

If you don’t like the high maintenance that comes with a wood fence and vinyl breaks too easy, then your best option will be steel fencing. Which then begs the question of what type to choose? Read this post to find out more information on some of the different options available today.

Any fencing that is made from steel can be considered galvanized fencing. Chain link fences are the most common, though other variations, which are not as common do exist. A fence is galvanized when the steel is put through a process known as galvanization; this is when a protective coating is applied to the steel using a chemical process. This coating helps to prevent the fence from rusting or corroding, which makes the finished product a good choice.

Chain link fences are the most common, and examples of this can be seen in almost any urban area. Galvanized steel posts are sunk into footings, and the chain-link sheets are stretched between them. This version is a tough, reliable perimeter fencing that can keep out unwanted guests. Gates can be added to these quite easily, and the fence can be formed into different shapes.

Wire fencing is great for gardens, or other light uses. This kind of fencing is made from thin steel wire and rolled up for easy transport. Because it is lightweight, it should never be used for any weight-bearing purposes other than allowing creeping vines or plants to grow on them. This type of fencing can either be stapled or nailed to wooden posts that will create a temporary enclosure or for a more permanent enclosure for smaller animals like chickens.

There are several other steel fencing options available, if you would like to know more, please call SR Fencing at (501) 213-3350 today, we serve the Benton, AR and surrounding areas.

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