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When Do You Need Fence Repair

Natural Factors That Harm Fences

As with any homeowner, you may wish to avoid fence repair as much as possible. Nevertheless, regardless of a material’s reliability, it will eventually experience difficulties, particularly when fighting the forces of nature. Read on to discover how the following factors can hinder your fencing skills.


Rain can corrode any fence, but metal fences are especially susceptible. The metal will lose its brilliance and finally degrade over time due to the rain. Excessive humidity in the air can cause wood to decay, warp, and crack.

Extreme Wind

Extreme wind may cause your fence to sway or perhaps fall down. This can lead to the fence’s deterioration and eventual collapse. If your fence is made of metal, the wind may distort and rust the metal. There are ways to safeguard a fence from severe winds. A wind fence or barrier can be purchased and installed. These devices will prevent wind damage to your fence.

Insect Infestation

Pests and insects can harm a fence. Termites and carpenter ants can consume wood, while mice and rats can consume both wood and metal. Plants can also contract illnesses from insects. These diseases can cause plant damage and make your yard look unsightly. Spraying insecticide on your fence will protect it from insects. Additionally, you should routinely inspect your fence for signs of damage.

Sun Exposure

Your fence will be illuminated throughout the day. Solar radiation can cause wood and metal to degrade and paint to fade. To shield the fence from the sun, paint it light-colored. Additionally, wood can be treated with a sealant. Examine your fence frequently for signs of wear and tear.

Despite the difficulty of preventing environmental factors, fence repair should never be overlooked. Immediate action is necessary to construct a durable, aesthetically beautiful, and effective fence—contact SR Fencing for all of your fencing needs, from installation to maintenance. We cover the entire Benton, AR region and are capable of delivering exceptional results. Dial (501) 213-3350 immediately to schedule an appointment.

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