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Wooden Fencing Tips

How Often Should You Stain Your Fence

The fencing around your home serves has numerous purposes. Ranging from privacy, to curb appeal. It is typically a significant part of your home’s first impression to potential buyers. In order to keep your fence looking fresh and beautiful, it does require maintenance and upkeep. This means time and money on your part. So if you have wooden fencing, staining it is often your best option.

Maintenance and Protection

Most fences are made out of wood. As they are extremely beautiful and can complement most exteriors. However, wood is vulnerable to damage due to bugs, pests, and birds, in addition to extreme weather conditions. Fortunately, protecting against these is easy.

When a fence is stained, it offers a protective barrier that will protect the wood from the aforementioned, in addition to moisture.

Staining is the go-to option most people choose, as it provides preservation, however, it is more expensive than paint. Stain is absorbed into the wood and doesn’t chip or peel in time. It will just fade over a period of time.

What Do the Experts Say?

Most professionals suggest staining every 2 to 3 years. However, when protecting your fence and ensuring damages are not done easily, another major factor to consider is your climate.

If your house is in a drier climate area and you generally have less rain, your fence will not need as much maintenance and staining. You will need to inspect your fence to see if the rain is easily absorbed by it. Do you see any water droplets on the surface? If you notice the wood is soaked, then your fence will need staining.

Staining your fence is an easy DIY job that most homeowners can do. The upkeep of your fencing will ensure your home’s exterior continues to look good, and your curb appeal will stand out.

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