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Basic Wooden Fencing Repair Tips You Can Do Yourself

Protect Your Wooden Fence!

A simple repair is sometimes all your fence requires. If the fence is older, perhaps you simply want to give it a few more years of life. And if your fence is still quite new, routine maintenance could actually extend its lifespan. Fencing may meet a number of requirements. But what if you need to fix your fence at some point? Depending on the type of fence you select, various maintenance requirements could be required. Here are a few ideas for do-it-yourself wooden fencing repairs:

Cleaning Fences

You should schedule some time each quarter to tidy the fence. In addition to keeping your fence in good shape, this routine maintenance technique also makes it simpler for you to identify any issues that, if not caught in time, may call for a costly repair. When cleaning wooden fences, make use of a fiber brush and gentle dishwashing products. While a superior wire brush may be used to remove rust and debris from metal fences.

Restoring Minor Fence Damage

To prevent the issue from getting worse, damaged fences need to be repaired. This problem is also rather readily fixable. Sand the interior of the hole or crack before filling it with anything, including sawdust. To make the surface rougher so that wood putty will stick to the hole and the area around it, use coarse sandpaper. To cover up the flaw, the fence may need to be repainted or stained.

Restoring Damaged Boards

In order to prevent the issue from getting worse, wooden fences with worn-out boards and panels must be replaced. The neighboring hardware shop will receive new panels after the ones already in situ have been measured. The availability of replacement panels and boards should be simple due to their common sizes. With a crowbar and with caution, the rotten panels should be removed without damaging the adjacent boards. The newly installed boards need to be straightened first, then they may be properly screwed or hammered into position.

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