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Reasons to Avoid Installing Residential Fencing on Your Own

Why Installing Your Own Fence Is a Bad Idea?

It can seem like a fantastic way to save money to build your own fence, but the hassles involved aren’t worth it. In addition to taking forever and possibly appearing less than fantastic, accidentally breaking fence laws can result in very significant consequences. Not yet persuaded? Check out these three strong arguments in favor of hiring a professional residential fencing contractor to install your fence.

Regulations and Permits

Licensed contractors are knowledgeable about dig permits and frequently have systems in place for getting in touch with underground service providers. You might think you can handle this process on your own, but failing to have your property marked and inspected before installing a fence could result in a costly charge. Numerous people also have a fence shared by a neighbor and a portion of their property boundary. It’s crucial to comprehend the logistics of shared property fences; a qualified fence contractor may assist with this.

Tools and Experience

Even if constructing a fence isn’t the most complicated task, you still need a few tools that are probably not lying around your garage. Your primary tools are an augur for boring holes and a crimping tool for the fence. The cost of renting these tools for a few weekends can add up, and since you aren’t qualified to use them, you risk hurting yourself, your yard, the fence materials you bought, or both.


It’s a noble undertaking to build a fence on your own, but you should be aware that you could endanger your safety and the safety of your neighbors. It can be risky to remove fence posts, particularly if you don’t fully know what you’re doing. For those who haven’t received training on using them, using instruments like a nail gun poses a significant safety risk. Professionals that install fences are frequently insured and trained in safe and secure work practices.

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