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What Usually Causes Damage on Steel Pool Fencing

Know the Cause of Damage

No doubt, swimming pools are a great addition to any property providing a much-needed space to relax and unwind from the hustle and bustle of daily life. To ensure the safety of owners, their families, and all visitors, it is necessary to install a fence around the pool area. Steel pool fencing has gained great popularity among homeowners, commercial property owners, and pool contractors due to its durability and great design, which makes it much more aesthetically pleasing than traditional wooden fences.

But to answer the common question about the usual cause of damage on steel fencing, read below!

Environmental Elements

But like any man-made structure, steel pool fences can be vulnerable to damage from a variety of causes. The most common causes of damage to steel pool fences include rust, corrosion, collisions, and wear and tear. Rust and corrosion are the two most common forms of damage that can occur due to the water’s exposure to the pool fence. The water, combined with the chlorine, can cause the protective covering on the fence to break down and create rust spots. If left unchecked, these rust spots can spread, weakening the structure of the fence and increasing the chances of the fence collapsing and causing injury.


Another common cause of damage to steel pool fences is collisions. As people are often close to the fence in the pool area, it is not uncommon for someone to accidentally bump or brush against the fence. Repeated impacts can weaken the fence’s structure and eventually cause it to buckle or collapse.

Wear and Tear

Finally, wear and tear is another common cause of damage to pool fencing. As with any man-made structure, exposure to the elements causes gradual degradation of the fence’s structural integrity. Over time, the fence may become loose or may start to bow or warp due to the pressure caused by the water and the pool’s users.

To ensure that your steel pool fence is kept in the best shape possible, it is important to regularly check it and take the necessary steps to address any damage as soon as it arises. Prompt repair and maintenance of your steel pool fencing can help to ensure that you and your pool users remain safe and injury-free. And if you need help in maintaining the durability of your fence, SR Fencing is the one that you can trust for the job. We’re one of the best fence repair experts that you can find in Benton, AR. For inquiries, just call (501) 213-3350!

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